Example of a game like pac man,tetris,pool ect.when i play a flash game for too long it will go into a blue screen i have no idea y. It says try to disable your catch or shadowing in the bios to try and solve the proplem could some 1 tell me y this is happening its very annoying when playing a game and it goes blue screen also i have tried so many things to try and fix it like p.c bug doctor,sp2 all sorts please help me. :sad:

Sounds more like a graphics card issue (possibly drivers) than anything else - have you tried your graphics card vendor's web site to see if there are any newer versions and giving that a whirl?

ok thanks ill give that a try as i have never updated my graphic drives im not too sure how to update it though. my graphic card is sis could u tell me how?

ok thanks ill give that a try as i have never updated my graphic drives im not too sure how to update it though. my graphic card is sis could u tell me how?

There's different types of SIS graphics chipsets, and you'll need to identify the correct one to use before attempting (or even THINKING about attempting) to upgrade the drivers.


is the first stop along your journey. On the right hand side of the screen is a helpful link which should help you identify exactly what you've got so that you can download and install the correct driver. Let us know if this helps (or not).



cool i did what u said went to that tool that looks for your graphic card and the it said u need our activex to look for your graphic card what do i do now i couldent find this activex. also would it help if i told u the exact sis card i have it is sis 650_651_m650_740,thats what it saya on the plug and play monitor.

I'll assume you're not running Internet Explorer as that would automatically pick up and install the ActiveX control for you when prompted (you would have seen a dialog box pop up about that). However, not to worry.

It looks like one of these will do the job, assuming you're running Windows XP (if not, let us know what you are running):


I'm thinking based on what information you've given us, that you'll need the first link (the UniVGA2).



does it do it on anything graphically intensive? cos it poss could be over heat.. but thats probably not it but worth considering.

in the bios you will see somthing called agp apature size, what is this set to?

please don't start flashing your bios though...

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im not sure what it is set to but after the blue screen and i booted up went
back online it gave me the option to send a error report it then said the
proplem was caused by a device driver not sure which though if u could help that
would be great like how to see my device drivers ect.

then try reinstalling your drivers, again make sure you select the correct ones, or use the ones off a cd you got with the pc possibly? you're using XP so if the cd has lots of sis drivers let XP search the disk automatically..

right go to http://download.sis.com/

click igp graphics driver

click sis 650 and 740 series

click windows XP

click go

download the TOP one