I have a problem and if this is not the correct forum, please let me know. I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate, and I may have a virus or something. If I go to my Google Docs or Google Sites I get a redirect that never resolves. Just keeps on trying. I've run F-Secure (found one virus), VIPRE (found nothing), and Malwarebyes (found 4 virus). I can access Google Docs and Google Site in SAFE mode. After running all of the programs I suddenly reached both locations. Closed cover on my laptop. When it came back up, I can reach Google Sites, but get a redirect on Google Docs. May be related to http: vs. https: The latter gives me the redirect. Anyone experience this or have any suggestions.
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You most probably have malware in your system. You can post in the Viruses, Spyware and other Nasties Forum for help.

Malware? Really? This is a cross platform error. It happens on Mac, Windows, and even my Linux machine. I trust that google is working on it, hopefully we'll see something soon. To reach docs in a way that works, go to the google main page and use the drop down menu that reads "more" towards the top of the site. That link has always worked for me.

Good one. Thread is 2 years old :)

I know, I just had to say something since this was the 3rd result on google when I searched for a resolution to the problem! ;)

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