After using my computer for a while (desktop) Explorer starts acting up and sometimes will crash and restart itself. By acting up, what usually happens is that when I open up a Window in Explorer parts of the menu might be missing, or not all of the window is painted, and I cannot open any other windows or start another program. Usually this happens when I'm opening/closing lots of windows in Explorer, such as when I'm looking for something or moving files around. If I shut down some windows or even programs I am running Explorer starts to act normally again, until I open 3-4 more windows. When this happens I use TaskManager to shut down Explorer, than I restart it.

Obviously the system is running out of resources somewhere. I've kept TaskManager open and watch Explorer's memory usage as I go about my business and I can see that memory usage steadily increases and I open and close windows. Once it gets to 35MB or higher I start seeing this problem.

Interestingly, I had a similar problem on my two previous systems. In my NT system the folder icons would get screwed up, and I forget exactly what happened in my Win2k system but I think it was more like what I see in XP. I thought maybe those earlier cases could be due to my video card/drivers, but this time I have all new hardware.

I now suspect that some program has attached itself to Explorer. Norton SystemWorks is on the top of my suspects list because it seems to get itself into everything and because I ran earlier versions of it in my previous systems.

Any ideas?

How much RAM is installed ?

if you suspect Norton System Works ,then uninstall its garbage anyway !

Well, the paranoid part of me says keep it. My computer is my business and if I lost everything I'd be screwed. Yes, I have backups, but I'd still be screwed. I'm behind a router, and I'm running Norton Firewall software which pops up every now and then to let me know something not already on the list is trying to talk to the world.

If someone could confirm that Norton is doing this, then I'll contact Norton to get it fixed, or I'll find other software to use.

so keep it . i jsut don't like Norton system anything !
what CPU are you running and how much ram do you have installed in the box !