I have dell desktop dimension 4700. i start getting different errors on my PC like (win32 generic host) and etc and after this win32 generic error my sound dont work so i have to restart my pc to enable sound again.. and after 15-20min i again get that error and if i need to open a audio file after that i have to restart again and also along with that i cant open my D drive, anyways i was annoyed and formated my C drive and put a fresh copy of OS after quick formating in NTFS format. anyways i have 100% new copy of OS installed and all my problems are gone execpt i still cant open my D drive. i mean i can open in if i write D:\ in address bar then it opens my drive but if i try to open it by mouse click it gives my this error http://tinypic.ca/images/kg278saw9zclng73y1mp.jpg. after i got really pised i did a vius scan and found a pzmdtf.exe infected which i think was the reason why my D drive wasnt opening... anyways i deleted that and after that i start getting new error [IMG]http://img218.imageshack.us/img218/2835/90624049ml6.jpg[/IMG]. Still im able to open my D drive by writing d: in address bar but i cant open it vis mouse click. Can you please tell why is it happening..? formating D drive is not an option as i have more than 90GB stuff in there which i need.. please help me fix this problem...

btw when ever i open my PC i get the chkdsk option for D drive but it doesnt find any errors.. and i checked on Dos it showed D drive is Dirty.


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if you've been infected then these things propagate and don't go away unless surgically removed.

So, you should head over to the virus forum, read the sticky post and supply the evidence to get this debugged.


i dont think that virus is the problem..
anyways i tired zfixdrive and nothing detected and im tiring anti malware rightnow

post your pictures using the attachment feature. Your links dont work.

I agree with most of the above. I had an N: drive and did a huge backup and then it would not work at all! I used chkdsk n: /f
(if it is NTFS formatted u can use /X) and thsi fixed the disk problem but look at the chkdisk report. if u are sure it is not that then virus or possibly the MBR could be the troubel

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