it all started about 4 months ago on a thursday.at first,when i powered up my pc the motherboard cooler started rotating with an incredibly high speed making noise like the turbine of a plane.along with this my computer just wouldn't boot or anything. after turning it off, i tried again. this time it worked and showed the f2 for bios settings stuff. i pressed only to find out that everything was alright except the fact that my pc would freeze when i exited bios.then my games run a lot slower than they used to and not games that have high req but stuff like diablo 2 and star craft 1. it also freezes when it restarts. what can i do????? i can't even run the system restore because of all these.they all started at the same time.u should know that there are also some times when it powers on fine but those are very rare

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It Does not sound good. Helpers here will need to know make model etc for your pc. First open case and check for dust vacum and or blow out all dust especaily on the intake ports in the front panel. it sounds like a serious case of restricted airflow. I ruined a motherboard with a similar set of symptoms. It can creep up on you if the case is not checked regularly. Sarge the Poet


I agree with Sarge the Poet, but don't use just any vacuum cleaner. I recommend to start with a can of air and blow out the computer and check to see if the heat sink over the CPU is full of dirt, if it is blow it out with a can of air.

if you do use a vacuum cleaner, buy one that is made to clean computers. other vacuum cleaners can damage the computer because of electrostatic discharge.

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