Please excuse my ignorance but I would appreciate any help on my problem.
I have installed an ACER CDRW Drive to my Compaq Presario 5116EA but whenever I try to copy or burn any file to it, it fails with 'Drive(s) could not be initialised' message so it is not recognising it. Do I need to download a specific driver or something? However I am trying to keep costs down and every checker etc I download expects me to pay up. I wouldn't mind if I knew it would fix it but I don't.
Frustrated by that, I have removed that drive and connected an external DVDRW but it is not being recognised by my PCand doesn't show the drive in explorer.

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hi, when you plug-in your ACER CDRW go to BIOS setup make sure its detected.. if its detected at windows go to device manager..check for any problem.. you would see a question mark.. if the drive got problem..

same thing with your external dvdrw when you plug-in to your usb, check your device manager..if its recognized or working properly.. or try to plug-in to another pc check whether your external dvdrw is working or not..
post back..if still cannot..

thanks for your input cguan. Strangely I just tried connecting it again last night and it recognised it ok. No idea why but I probably failed to switch it on the first time or something equally daft. I have closed the thread

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