I recently agreed to fix a friend's notebook and I had to reinstall WinXP and I thought I was done.
I have to activate Windows but I don't have internet. I hooked up the ethernet cable so I could go online and find the correct drivers but it says I don't have an internet connection.
I'm guessing it's the network driver thing but I can't download it without internet so I hit a pretty big dead end. Is there any way of getting these drivers without the original disc that it came with. It's a Gateway MA3 model:MX6441. It's pretty old so I doubt that he still has the original disc but I will still ask him.
help please

Well I just did the same thing reinstalling XP on my Gateway desktop.Luckily I had another PC in the house.Just go to the gateway website and under support enter you serial number of the laptop and it will give you all the drivers downloads that came on the laptop when he bought it. You will want the "network" pack first,to get your internet going,then you can do sound and etc if need be. Ahh...here,I did it for you.Just click the "details link" and it'll show you 3 relevant network DLs http://support.gateway.com/support/drivers/ddaStep.asp?platform=10022&model=10785&os=10406&type=10095&st=browse

Thanks jaycustom21 but I had already looked for the drivers in the Gateway website. Problem is how do i get them from my desktop to the laptop? I tried putting them on a disc using nero but they didn't want to install.

Boo the CDs....do you have a flash drive hopefully?

ya! good idea. I will try
i'll post if it worked thanks a lot man

I tried using my flashdrive but it has the same results as using the cd
I went to the hardware update wizard and specified where to get the drivers from but it says
"the hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software."

I actually got a modem and a wireless network adapter driver but I am using wired.
There is only the Ethernet Controller driver left that would have anything to do with the internet connection. Still can't find one...

Oh...then all I can think of is go to the gateway website and look at the specs of the pc components and then google it.

I managed to install the drivers though.
I guess they weren't the right ones because it's still not picking up my connection although apparently someone in my area has wi-fi because it picked it up. If only i could get that kind of driver but for wired connection.

well thanks Jay
uhhhmmm I will keep downloading drivers that might be matches.
I'm bound to get it rite, I think.
thx for the help