This might be a quick fix,can someone tell me how to delete a file that has a file with blocks (no letters or numbers) and no extension,it just says file.when I delete the file it says cannot read from source. can anyone help me this client is my BOSS.Grrrrr!

did scan for virus trojans with no suspicious found its displayed as a hidden file and the size is 300+mb but the properties shows filesize as 0.wtf

This tool usually does the trick cleanly and simply, sittas.
Unlocker 1.8.5
==This one is a general purpose deleter, Unlocker: http://filehippo.com/download_unlocker/
Dclick the exe to install it, unchecking the updater and assistant boxes. It runs from the rclick context menu, and that is cool.

thanks my man for the new tool very handy but guess what doesnt wanna do the trick. doesnt wanna move delete copy or rename it says that it will perform the tast at next reboot but still when I reboot its still there. Is it cos its my boss' machine.
----wheres that tread "your worst day ever" he is a pain in the ass.

any other suggestions...???

Can you force an extension onto it with Unlocker? eg .tex
If you run a dir cmd in the folder containing it what characters are used in the cmd window for its filename?