I Cannot Do A Recovery On My Compaq Presario To Get On Windows The Computer Has No Floppy Drive And I Have The Recovery Cds But Am Getting Many Error Messages Such As Format User Partition I Tried To Get On The Partition Command But Donot Know What Partition To Keep Or Delete Also Error Message Inf File Text Setup.sif Is Missing Is There Any Hope For Me Fixing This Maching I Appreciate Any Help Thanks Anita

Take the first disk. There should be 6 of them. Put the first disk into your drive reboot and it will do it for you. Just do a ful recovery.

Can You Help Me Start This Computer Do I Reboot It Everytime I Put In A Different Cd There Are Parameter Errors Along With Partition Errors Please Help,.

You should have 6 disks. Put the cd in and reboot. It will walk you through the rest of it. Or without disks reboot and hit f10? I believe and restore your compaq that way. I use the advance and it wipes the harddrive clean and starts for scratch. The other method leaves some stuff on your compute and replaces allot of stuff. With the recover cd you do not need to pick which drive to reformat. Reformat is simply erase that part of the drive. By default it should be drive c. Is that what you needed?

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