I'm using a Microsoft WebCam VX3000. I can record OK, my problem is when I play the recording back on Windows Media Player I get a swirling blue screen. I can hear the audio although there is a slight buzz in it.
Can anyone give me some input to resolve this problem? The above refers to my desktop.
I was going to uninstall Win Media Player and reinstall it, but I decided to try the program on my laptop and found that the same thing was happening on the laptop. They are hooked up on a network.
Any help will be appreciated.

Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2
2000 megahertz Intel Pentium
Model vpr Matrix 2000 1.0
512 Megabytes Installed Memory
Windows Firewall,AVG, Spybot

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you want to find out what codec was used to encode the video. if you get that codec and install it so that wmp knows about it, it should be sweet. usual suspects: divx, xvid

Thanks for the response. Is their a way to know what "Codec" I will need to resolve this problem? I never received an error message stating it was a Codec problem.

if you open up your recording software, it should give you options for codecs, and you could probably see which one you used to record your video.

I'm sorry I did not get back to you last night, but I have a problem opening your responses. I just woke up to the fact that I can copy and reach the response by copying and pasting in my browser.
I'm leaving for a dr. appt. will review this reply when I get back.
Thanks a million, I really appreciate your input.

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