when i bought my Acer 5610 laptop, i made 2 dvd's for recovery (part 1 and 2). Well now i go to use them, part 1 is blank and part to has the info it should (80megs worth). Don't ask what happened to the first one i don't know! (same thing happened to my old laptop, wondering if my draw magically erases dvds)

Is there a way to create them again? According to the techguys website there should be a folder in all programs called "system recovery" (which there was on my old advent laptop). It's not there. I've used search to look for it .. nothing. I can phone the expensive-on-hold-for-hours phone line to order them for free (bar the phone call) as it's under a year old.. but i'd rather not. So is there any other way?

It's Windows XP Media Centre btw.

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guessing.. could be a hidden partition... in which case search won't find it. Try diskmanagement.. go run, diskmgmt.msc, and see if it shows up. If it does rclick it, explore, and you will then see it in folder view in explorer and you can then play inside it.

ok attached a screen shot of what itfound.. i take it it would be PQservice? because when i r-click it, all i get is help..

they're all healthy though :D

...just from reading a bit on it it does look like you would have to copy the partition to another and change the type so that it can be opened. Try a linux livecd [bootable cd] product to do it.

ok. I know nothing of linux though, other than everyone thinks it rocks..

i found the option woo! for anyone who has an acer it's in the "empowering technology" menu. :)

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