i have some problem on my puter, i cannot view javascript links such as this one 'javascript:rep(12972)' when i click on such a link the browser is unresponsive, right clicking /open in new window brings me to the 'this page cannot be displayed blurb'... the java installation enabled on my machine is 'j2re-1_4_2_05-windows-i586-p' i have removed it and reinstalled it, i have also cleaned out the java cache and checked that my browser is enabled (and it is) and still no joy... i have gone to the sun java site and checked that my java is functional with the online checker there and i can view the applet fine -- just cant click on any javascript link... i have tried a system restore - no luck there either

are there any suggestions that i could try to fix this short of formatting --- i run a site LOL and cant click on any replies as it is an msn site and the 'reply button' and 'new discussion button' are both javascript pfftt --- luckily i have a second disk that i have put an o/s on just so i can reply to my site but all my darn progs are installed on my primary disk and it aint no fun having to reboot to reply to msgs LOL

pls help me


Are you running either a popup or javascript blocker on your system? or did you set your browser to ignore javascript or popups?

Another useful feature is a javascript console/debugger. In mozilla/derivatives you can simply type in 'javascript:' in the location bar to see if you have any javascript errors on your page that could be preventing the javascript from working.