I installed Norton Internet Security and I also uninstalled because of all the problems that it caused to my system. There are a number of problems:

1. I cannot logon to my hotmail account. I have made all the
changes that have been suggested by different sources on the internet, i.e. opening the SSL port 443, and number all of the security settings, but this did not help.

2. I also cannot see images on web pages, they appear a the box with the red X.

3. Now because I thought I needed an update from MS, I went to the download site and now cannot download. I added the address to the trusted sites, but
still no luck. To make matters worse, I uninstalled one of my last ms updates. So now I am trying to get my pc back up to speed. I tried sending a tech support request to Microsoft, but I could not even accomplish that because it kept acting like I had nothing filled out on the page.

Well, that's the story. Never had anything like this happen before. I am usually proficient enough to handle my problems, but this one has me puzzled.

I'm running WinXP sp1
IE Ver. 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.030422-1633
I have a DSL modem via bellsouth.net
I have uninstalled all the Norton software
I have turned off the firewall
I have made many changes to the IE security and advanced settings and reverted back to default.
I cannot login or post data from a form on most secured sites, but some of them I can.

Please any suggestion.
Thank you for your attention.


I would back up my data, and reformat the computer and start over. Why? Because you are not certain what Norton did to your computer, and you have modified the patch level of the machine. You are going to drive yourself nuts trying to get IE to work with everything again. You could try using another browser, such as Firefox, to see if viewing secure websites will work again.

In the end though, backing up and re-formatting will be your only true return to a known environment. You may have other things bouncing around in the computer.

Save the data, and rebuild.


I was having all sorts of problems w/ my new computer when I got it. Now that I uninstalled NIS and went w/ a different virus protector and firewall, most of the problems cleard up immediately. Even w/ my last computer that was Win ME, I didn't realize that the problems I had were because of NIS, especially the versions of the last 2 years.

I think formatting is a little o.t.t myself. Personally you 1st have to make sure you have got rid of all the Norton files by deleting all norton from the registry. You can always reinstall internet explorer. Have you tried a Restore ?