Okay, so I tried uninstalling a program from the 'Uninstall Programs' menu (Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10) but it gave some weird error message, so I decided to hunt for all the files and delete it myself. However, I think the uninstaller is the Microsoft Installer, therefore, I can't actually delete the uninstaller itself and it's stuck in the Uninstall Programs. When I click it, the little pop-up comes up saying Allow or Cancel. I hit Allow and the installer just closes but stays in my Uninstall Programs. I know, it's a small issue and really doesn't matter but it bothers me. Any idea on how to remove it from there?

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I found a program from someone having a similar issue called Revo Uninstaller (http://www.revouninstaller.com/.) It had registry files and certain folders I was not finding. This program did it for me and removed the ghost from the Uninstall place.

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