As stated in the subject line, my windows XP MCE does not detect my Canon SD400 camera. It did at one time, but now neither the windows nor the canon software recognize the camera when it is plugged into the USB. I know that the USB port works because I can use my flashdrive through it and I know that the cable and camera work because I can use it with my laptop. I thought there might be a driver for the camera, but Canon's website does not have one. Any suggestions?

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No, nothing happens. The device manager does not seem to recognize that there is anything connected. However, when I connect a flash drive, it works. The camera itself does recognize that it is connected to a computer because it does not allow me to access a certain part of the camera menu that it would normally allow were it not connected to the computer. I have tested all of the ports that I use and they seem to be working, I hope I do not have to reformat the computer.


Try uninstalling all of your USB devices and then restart the pc. When it comes up connect the camera. I've had similar problems with HP aio's that this action resolved.


is there a settings on your camera that you need to configure.. before connecting to PC? but by right it should be plug and play..but anyway just double check your user manual... check if you can get something from your manual...

before formatting why not do system restore...

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