Hi guys

I've been passed a Toshiba Satellite laptop to have a look at.

On start up the number keys behave as though the shift button is pressed, so just symbols (!"£$ etc) appear. If I press the shift key symbols still appear.
Also on start up the caps lock shows off but letters typed are in uppercase. Switching cap lock to "on" makes the letters lowercase!
Using the shift key to change letter case doesn't work.

Now if I bring up the on screen keyboard, I can click on shift and caps lock then close the on screen keyboard, press the caps lock button to off and all is as it should be with shift and caps working normally which is OK and usable ever after.

However reboot and back to square one. Non of the accessibility items are ticked to come on so a bit (read very) confused.

Any help in solving this would be much appreciated.


Sounds like a bad keyboard, but a BIOS update might fix the issue.

Thanks Eric.
I guessed as much. My friend will have to get used to the workaround until they replace it I think.