I have got a brand new pavilon dv6000 with vist already instaled but it is all problems when you want to go on the internet. so here i go if anyone can help. I already have 2 pc's both on internet which 1 is wireless which i didnt have a problem with untill i tried to get my laptop working wireless via my router i tried changin all sorts of settings the nearest i got was a signal to the router but no connection it has got to the point were the router is not working have tried reseting it & cant so the only internet i have is when i plug ethernet straight into pc's but wont work on laptop at all i even tried using the broadband disk to set it up but that wont even work i just cant get internet on at all but not only that my router is not working now either.:(

please help me im goin insane any help at all will be grateful thanks

I dont know if any 1 can help but i still cant work this problem out if any1 can help then i would apprciate it thanks. im using a Linksys router if thats ant help my laptop is now just being used for games & putting photos on but i want to use net on it please if you know wat i can plz help thanks.

Hi taebo, Did you ever find a fix to this? I have the same problem, it sounds like. Sometimes it will connect to the Internet over wireless, but only if I switch off and on the wireless button on my router and then restart my laptop. Otherwise it just connects locally to my WLAN, and doesn't make the connection to the Internet. Any ideas? Ugh.... :o(

On the desktop, open internet explorer and type into the address bar (it may be,, or as well). This should bring you to your Linksys management page. Go to the wireless section and select enable and save. You should be able to see your network on the laptop - generally it is named linksys.

I had the same sort of problem and it eventually went out completely. As much of a hassle as it is contact the HP tech support. They can at least OK a new card if needed. I ended up having to send mine in for a new motherboard. My other suggestion, do not under any circumstances buy another HP.

Are you able to connect to any other wireless networks to surf?

Does it work when you plug into the network card from your router with an ethernet cable?

What kind of security do you have on the router?

Answer these questions and if anything when you contact HP you will be able to tell them this before going through all these procedures.