Sir ,
i am using windows 2003 server .Can anybody tell me. How should
i share 1 folder so that only 2 person on the domain can access the
folder.other person don't see that particular folder.

Any help would be greately appreciated.

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why not hide the folder.. put a $dollar sign at the end of the name of the shared folder.. like>> newfolder$ this will hide the shared folder.. on the network...

if you want to access it through explorer you type the path name plus the folder name with the dollar sign...

if you want two persons to access only at the same time.. then limit the number of persons to 2.. i believe there is an option in win2k3 to do this...

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if its hidden they can still access it so its a false sense of security

Right click the folder
Go into properties

Go into sharing -> security

And set it so the Everyone group has nothing (not list or read or anything). Give the two users whatever they need


there is no any option there .can you send screenshot so that
i make one folder and share only two person on windows 2003 server.i am still confuse. any help would be greately appreciated.



i am using windows 2003 server .i want to share menon$ folder
two two person in sharing folder.but there is no any share option
there.only security option there.kindly find the screenshot.


You need to do it when logged onto the server itself

You are trying to do it from another computer

and stop uploading zipped word documents, just save the image and upload that


You arent doing it on the actual server!!!

You need to be physically sitting at the server

You are accessing the server remotely, because it says \\FILESERVER. Dont use network neighbourhodd, physically go and sit at the server, logonto it and find the directory using my computer

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