I turn on my pc and it gives me a prompt that says that there is no mouse. There is one. It's got an adapter on the back from whatever connection they used to use to ps2.

I need to know:

1. How to navigate through Windows 98 to turn on MouseKeys (without a mouse)

2. How to fix the darn thing so I can use the computer.

Thanks for reading this. I subscribe to a few forums and I know what it means to help out a newbie.

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Its been my experience that those darn adpters rarely work .Get your self a ps/2 mouse or take the adpter off and plug it into the serial port.,next to floppy drive a mouse is probably the cheapest thng you can buy for a computer .
The Tab key and the arrow keys will help you move from icon to icon and shift+f10 will right click.


Hi, I am working on a computer for a friend and the mouse shows up and I can manuver it in safe mode. However when the computer is is Windows Me mode it only works for a short time, then stops. It is a regular ps2 mouse.
Also on her computer there is supposed to be sound, but I don't hear any. I have checked in the control panel for sound and audio and see no tick box for the speaker within that Folder.
Any suggestions?
Thank you!

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