I have a Windows 2000 profesional and when I turn the computer on it asks me to type in a username and a password, I put the user name and the password and it says that the old password has expires and it doesn't log in. I try typing Administrator for username and the password and it still doesn't log in. What can be the problem and how could I fix it?

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The problem is that Windows 2000 local security policy is not letting you login. You need to have the proper username / password combination in order to proceed. Administrator account does not lockout with repeated mis-logins, so you can try to get the password correct over time, and get in there.

Windows passwords are always case-sensitive, meaning ThiS is different than this.

There are ways to get around the password problem; on an open forum, I will not get into those issues.

If your hard drive is FAT, you can re-boot into DOS, and read your data files off, and save them to another location, such as a network drive, or perhaps a USB device. If your drive is NTFS, you can download a NTFS reader utility that will allow you to copy files off the computer, and onto a floppy drive or perhaps a network device. Once your data files are safe, you can re-install Windows.

It is a safe bet that your computer warned you that the account was going to expire, and you needed to change your password. Do not ignore those warnings.


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