Hello all,
I have windows xp and a memorex mmp8500 mp3 player. It used to work great!! Then I got a very bad virus in my pc and reformatted the whole computer. I went to install new songs on my mp3 player and now it actually shuts down the whole computer when I try to hook mp3 player to computer. Memorex firmware doesnt do anything for me either, i cant connect my mp3 player to my computer or it will just shutdown the computer or lock the pc up. Very strange and not sure what to do. Memorex keeps telling me to upgrade the firmware, but i cant because i cant connect the pc to the mp3 player. Any other problems like this to anybody else? Thanks for any help. T. J.

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strange problem ! a USB connection i assume.
Did you install software and drivers that came with the mp3 player .
have you check to make sure there is nothing in the end of the usb cable from the player,or its not bent , most computers have 2 or more usb connections have you tried both .
Next if you right click on mycomputer go to properties ,hardware/device manager ,t the end of the list is the USB device any yellow or red ! marks their ,if no ,you could try hitting the + next to it and removing all in there and rebooting computer and let windows reinstall the usb device drivers .then try plugging the player in again and see what happens ,if it detects it you Will be asked for the usb drivers for the player .

THanks for the reply. I ended up getting a bright idea and tried this... Sandisk makes a card writer/reader and for some reason this works. So what i did was use my 512mb sd card and loaded songs onto that, which i then put into my player. Works great like this. Not sure why the player wont do this. Thanks anyway, T. J.

How do I turn on the player when it was left on, overnite so after that I can't get the player to turn on any more? Thanks this was mknoise.

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