I have windows XP and fedora 8 installed in my laptop. For some days evreything is ok, but suddenly when I try to open windows XP It shows the windows loading screen and then it showsit shows the error AUTOCHK.EXE PROGRAM NOT FOUND SKIPPING AUTOCHEK and then restarts.
I checked for autochk.exe and found it in C:\Windows, and C:\Windows\SYstem32. I thought it as damaged one and i replaced with autochk.exe from the windows XP CD. Still the problem exists. Can anyone suggest me what to do to solve problem. I can access the all the windows drives, and I can still execute windows commands from linux (using wine).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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thanks for you reply FlamingClaw. There is only the description of autochk.exe, and it says its is not important. How can I solve the problem?
Thanks in advance

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