I have windows XP and fedora 8 installed in my laptop. For some days evreything is ok, but suddenly when I try to open windows XP It shows the windows loading screen and then it showsit shows the error AUTOCHK.EXE PROGRAM NOT FOUND SKIPPING AUTOCHEK and then restarts.
I checked for autochk.exe and found it in C:\Windows, and C:\Windows\SYstem32. I thought it as damaged one and i replaced with autochk.exe from the windows XP CD. Still the problem exists. Can anyone suggest me what to do to solve problem. I can access the all the windows drives, and I can still execute windows commands from linux (using wine).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

thanks for you reply FlamingClaw. There is only the description of autochk.exe, and it says its is not important. How can I solve the problem?
Thanks in advance

thank you very much

ok, then try to press the Mark as Solved button.