My dad has a Windows Vista computer and suddenly today the internet didn't work. So we restarted it a few times and it still didn't work. We tried to ping google and it worked and in task manager it said that the wireless internet and hard line were both working. BUT in the processes iexplore.exe wasn't even there. And when we tried to run the shortcut for internet explorer it opened up a new page but then suddenly closed down. And when I tried to run iexplore.exe with command prompt it said it didn't exist. And THEN we looked it up in the program files and it was there but when we clicked on it nothing happened. I'm really confused and my dad has all of his work on the computer and cant send e-mails because the internet is not working and will not even start up a new page (doesnt even say cannot display page it just exits the page) so this is urgent. Please post any help.

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This is a bad problem. Here is what you should do:

repair internet explorer
repair windows vista
reinstall vista (read suggestion below first before doing this)


To get firefox, go to mozilla.com, and download the file straight to a flash drive. Then, use the flash drive to install.

If you don't have a flash drive, try optical media. If you don't have optical media, go buy yourself a one dollar cat5 cable, and use it to transfer the download between the two pc's. Hope this helps. If you need further help, post again, and i will be more than glad to help.


remember people, if ie7 doesn't work, don't kiss microsoft's @$$ by using their products and wasting time trying to repair it. use firefox, opera, safari, he11, even netscape would work as well.

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Thank you a lot i will try tommorow but how would u reinstal and repair vista? Would u have to buy the OS and lose all ur data?


windows vista repair can be done via a vista home premium disc. no you do not need to buy it and no, you will not lose all ur data if you end up doing a repair. the disk can be borrowed from anyone, just don't install vista with the disc you borrow.

If you want to reinstall, this is another story. You will have to buy a copy and you will lose all your data.

If you have an OEM PC, and you have access to the recovery program via the hdd, you don't need to buy a new OS disk. Open my picture i attached to see an example. you can start the recovery by pressing the key, which depends on your pc. ex. f10= old hp pcs, f11= new hp pcs, ctrl+f11=dells, etc.

If you don't have access to it (pc won't boot that far, though i doubt it), and u didn't create recovery disks, you will have to contact your manufacturer, and buy a $20.00 recovery disk, which is cheaper than buying a 110.00 vista oem disk.

i think that you should be able to access the recovery partition on your hard disk if you need to reinstall. be aware that this will take half an hour, and will restore your pc exactly as it was when you bought it. i run recovery a lot on my laptop to clear it every quarter, and i have no problems. back up any data, find all software and license keys (for word, adobe, etc if u have it), and after doing all this, run a recovery. You will NOT need to enter your product key if you run the recovery from the partition on the hard disk or the recovery cd.

If possible, borrow a vista home premium 32bit disk and run a repair. If repair doesn't fix the problem, use Firefox. if that doesn't help, or you REALLY want to solve the problem, reinstall (or run recovery). If you need anymore help, or clarification, post again. I hope these suggestions solve your problem

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leo laporte suggests you remove flash, shockwave, and all other plug ins and addons, then reinstall. just a quick check before doing the other stuff. this may be a pain in the arse, but better than reinstall. if it doesn't work, then do the other stuff. hope i ain't late


f no Internet application like IE, Outlook Express or other browsers are working,
it may be due to corrupted Winsock registry entries.

First find out if you can connect to the Internet. Just trying to use a web browser is not the best test.
Try pinging a site by both IP and Name

If pinging by IP works, then you have a connection to the Internet and the Winsock registry entries are probably ok.
If pinging by IP works but by Name doesn't, then likely you have DNS problem.

If you can't ping by either one, then you may have corrupted Winsock registry entires.

The basic steps are to:

1. Delete the corrupted Winsock registry entries
2. Import clean ones
3. Reboot the computer

For All Operating Systems - Remove the old registry entries - Download Registry Entry

Import the clean registry file for your particular operating system
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