Hello all. Not sure who can help here, but I have a major problem with a hard drive. Now I am not sure about all the details. I am aware of the fact though that my hard drive does not work right for some reason. When hooking up to the internet the screen is fuzzy. Not terribly fuzzy but not crystal clear like it is before log on. It runs extremly slow and when I go to a website of any address it does not come up. It takes me to the website yet dosen't download.Also my mouse is not working. The mouse works, nothing wrong with it. I k now this because i have a differnt pc that I tried it on and the mouse works fine. Now a little about the other hard drive. It is a 99 compaq with windows 98. It has set in storage for @2 years. (I got the pc from a freind so that I could give my other one back cause i couldn't afford the payments anymore.)Now they want thier pc back and I can't get the other one to work. I check the Compaq and there is plenty of memory avaiable.(there is also extra memory not being used that has been added.Anyone know what the problem could be? How can I erase the hard drive and start from scratch so that I no longer have 98 on there and I can put newer software on like xp? Help....I am an online college student and can't afford to miss out on class....Thanks Tawnya

hello dear
its simple this problem occurs when your paging of harddrive creats the bottel necks
i hope you understand that term
dear try defregmentation utility in win98 your problem will be solved
take care bye