Strange things are happening with my computers and the Internet
connection. The Internet is working just fine, so is my Mac and PC.

When I logged on to my PC this morning, I got an Internet connection. But when I logged off and plugged the Internet cable into my Mac, the Internet would not work. It
was not until I shut down and unplugged the PC power cord from the power bar that the Internet worked on the Mac.

Now tonight I logged on to my PC, the Internet would not work. I logged off and unplugged the Mac from the power bar, but the Internet still would not work on the PC. So I log back on to my Mac and I get an Internet connection, so I am writing to you from my Mac.

Do any of you happen to have any experience with this scenario? Is it that the Internet connection is not strong enough? Is there a reason why the Internet would be working alternatively like this? I do not wish to connect both computers to the Internet at once. I use the two computers separately with the Internet, either one or the other.

Thanks for your help!

Are you plugged directly into a modem? If you're not going through a router most modems need to be reset before you can hook a new device up to it (perhaps you accidentally reset the modem when working with the power strip).

Have you been using this set-up and switching the cable in the past, or is this something new?