my 5 year old was playing with my pc. an i could not get it to work.so i went into the start menu .went to programs.went to system restore.an restored my pc .well next came the worst nightmare.the pc rebooted an there where no menu icons or anything at all.so i tryed to reboot again pc would not shut off.so i unpluged the pc .an reboot windows an hit f8 i got everything backnow .but now i can't download anything or upload anything ..im at a loss now

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Is your network card enabled and properly configured? Do you get an IP address from your router? Can you ping your router? Can you ping Google.com?


My situation is similar. I did a factory restore though. I went a head and allowed my computer to do windows updates and then I promptly download MSS Essentials. I went to the MS window themes and downloaded a few of those.

Then I went looking for up to date drivers for my Dell. That's when I started getting this message that says "unable to open this site. The site is either unavailable or cannot be found."

I get this message for Dell's main site and Microsoft. Also I see this message for Google Chrome.

btw none of my video files are playing. I don't know if that is related.

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