Hi everyone,

I have been trying to fix a problem with Red X's in boxes instead of text or pictures. This happens for each box in Print preview, as well as some websites, including Microsoft.com/windows/IE/community. I have tried several suggestions such as:
Empty the cache
Reduce the size of my cache
Check the Host File
Run winsockxpfix
Make sure Show Pictures is checked in Advanced tab of Internet Options
Reset Internet Options to default levels
Make sure encoding is set for Western European (windows) and Auto Select

This has been happening for quite awhile. I cannot tie it to any specific event.

I ran all my anti spyware programs, checked my firewall (free Zone alarm)
Ran chdsk and defrag

Does anyone have any more ideas on what I can try?

Should I reset IE7 settings on the advance tab?

Should I uninstall IE7 and reinstall?

Should I perform a repair installation of Windows XP?

Doing a System Restore wouldn't work since I can't go back far enough before this problem started.

I have Windows XP, SP2 with IE7.

Can anyone help, please?



still Need Help, Please.

just curious did you try Firefox

I did download Firefox but I haven't installed it yet. I finally just uninstalled IE7 which then reverted back to IE6, which completely solved the problem. I actually like IE6 better than 7, but I will install Firefox if I have any problems or even just to try it out and compare.

Thanks for your input. Do you know if or how I can mark this thread as solved?


Do you know if or how I can mark this thread as solved?


Nope sorry ,i think you have to request a mod do so.
give firefox a try you will like if and its tab features\new tap ecct ,about the only good feature in IE7