When i open a video of something and it is a .wmv file or the video is opened in Windows media player the colours are different to what they should be. i cant get a pic to show but the colours are brighter and more faded than they should be. the colours arent right in other words. ive tried playing with the contrast and such and it hasnt worked.

please DaniWeb, pimp my media player

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Sounds like overall display problems. If you have updated your GFX Drivers recently, it may be an idea to install them again, or if you haven't touched them, give them a refresh.

GFX Drivers can be found on the web. Graphic Card drivers are best uninstalled in Safe mode. If you need help on the process let me know.

What Graphics card do you have?

first of all is the graphics driver the same as the card
and in either case how do i find out the details?


and (for XP)

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information

On system summary > Expand Components > Select Display

Should say next to Name. Let us know, and I will find a link for a new driver download.


under display i found driver version and it had ""

by the way my graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200

thanks a bunch

A friend had this trouble, too. Unfortunately XP was reinstalled, before I could track down the problem, but the drivers for his Geforce were new and properly installed. I had a suspicion that it was related to a codec pack he installed before, because it happened only with certain video formats (I guess *.wmv). WMP played other formats fine.

if this doesnt work, ewhich im not saying it doesnt, but if it doesnt, is there a way to convert certain video files to other video files eg .wmv to .mpg, or .avi to .mpeg

to the person above
what codec did he/she upgrade to to get the videos to display properly?

There are many programs that can convert video formats...

Canopus Pro Coder
VCD Easy
Windows Media Encoder
RM Converter

just to name a few

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