Yesterday morning, I was using my computer, then turned it off and went out for a while, when I came back home and turned my computer on, nothing happens except for the powering up. It does not reconized that anything is connected to the motherboard i.e. keyboard, mouse, monitor. Hard drive light does its normal thing, but nothing shows up on the screen, and no other lights flash on the keyboard or mouse. Any Suggestions as to what the problem could be.
A perfectly working computer one minute to now seemingly a dead one.

So the screen never comes on? No boot up messages then?

I would try another display if you have one.

Tested monitor, by connecting to my laptop, it works fine. Nothing happens when I power up my desktop, no boot message or system starting message of any kind. So strange this is, I have no idea how to troubleshoot this at all.

Do you know if you have onboard, dedicated graphics or both?

If you have both remove the graphics card and try the onboard one.

Or you can try to remove the board's battery,wait some minute and do it back...if it isn't helps then look at the battery a bit closer,there is a jumper around the battery set to 1-2,unplug the computer set this jumper to 2-3,wait some minute and set it back to the 1-2(standard)plug the power cable and power on yourcomputer :D

Tried that, and did not work either, even replaced battery.
Not an on board video card.
ASUS A8N-SLI Motherboard
Not sure if any others have had the same problem with these.
Still blank screen or should I say nothing comes on screen when powered up.
My only other idea is that there is a problem with the BIOS Chip itself.

Any others suggestions are greatly welcomed.


What about the cpu? Is this working?
Long ago I had an old pc the same problem :'( when I exchanged the processor then worked again,that was an 633 Mhz celeron with 512Mb ram and siemens board....... :D

Not sure if the CPU is working either, not sure how to test it without replacing it with another. Ofc, I do not have a spare CPU sitting around, so I must wait to test that theory. But thanks FC for the suggestion.
Also thought about total upgrade as well, new mobo, cpu etc. will test cpu prob first. 3 year old computer(self built)

you can try to detach the whole system and put together again,maybe it can hepls..