Please help me!! I just bought a net book a few months ago and <i get that error <Windows root>\system32\hal.dll. when I turn it on...I do not a disk or anything for it...If you can help me PLEASE e-mail me at <<snip>>


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get a xp installer
Required : Windows XP operating system, Windows XP cd
Place the xp cd in your cd/dvd drive
Press win key+r type in 'sfc /scannow' (without the ')

Now it should all load, and fix all your corrupted file on windows XP


I'm having the same problem everytime I hit the win key+r it just keeps on restarting doing the same thing over andf over again.


that error means the windows system is corrupted due to a virus, like malware, spyware or any viruses...you need to repair the windows system.. your problem will be solve...


That error happens at times when USB devices are plugged in during start up, try unplugging the USB devices and re start the computer. If this doesn't work, try re-installing windows.

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