Hey everyone!
I recently reinstalled XP Pro on my server at work after a hardrive tanked and ever since I've been having permissions problems.
I use the term "server loosely, we use this particular machine for data recovery, ghosting client drives, virus scans etc etc.
Before I reinstalled permissions problems were fairly easily solved. Normally I could right click whatever folder I was not permitted to view remove other owners, addmyself as the owner, applyto all child objects. That generally worked, there were always a few problems with it, a handful of files would not change permission or I would have to do it more than once but it got the job done.
Now when I am not permitted to view a folder I don't have any control over the permissions. If I right click the drive there is no option to override permissions. I would like to stop typing the word permission now.
This is happening with images of drives made using Norton Ghost.
Any advice with this would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you need more information.


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try booting in safemode, and look at the drive properties in there. there will be a 'security' tab there that you can set permissions rights with for all user groups.


Norton Ghost will not allow me to mount the drive in safe mode so I can't edit the drive properties. Maybe I misunderstood? Am I able to edit general drive security settings as opposed to editing the settings for individula drives?
Let me know if you need me to clarify my questions. I'm having a difficult time wording this in a way that is not complete nonsense.

I really appreciate your advice Dortz, good suggestion.


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