Last software update was to apply some Microsoft patches around 8-12-08. Getting WE message ‘target can not handle this type of document’ when try to send data to E: drive to write a CD after already writing one CD on this drive. Have to reboot to be able to successfully use the E: CD drive again.

I have found nothing on the web that helps me with this.

Steps that produce this:

1. go to MY DOCUMENTS and select datasets (either .doc or jpeg)
2. choose send to or copy to and send to CD drive E:
3. go to MY COMPUTER using Microsoft CD Writing Wizard software and burn a CD with these datasets on E: and let this close by itself
4. go back to MY DOCUMENTS and select datasets (either doc or jpeg)
5. choose copy to and select CD drive E: get message ‘target can not handle this type of document’ and data does NOT get written to E: to await burn (if use SEND TO option drive E: is not a choice)
6. CD drive E: is no longer useful until I reboot. Any CD placed is this drive spins but shows empty from MY COMPUTER.
7. SYS INFO, HARDWARE, DEVICE MANAGER, show this CD drive as working properly, MITSUMI CR-48XGTE, driver date 7/1/2001, 5.1.2535.0, MICRO WINDOWS PUBLISHER
8. I am running XP Home Edition 2002 at SP2
9. When I reboot this drive works properly again
10. I have run the One Care Live scan and fixed what was recognized as a problems, but this did not help

I can reboot and create this problem at will, but don't know how to solve it. Can anyne pnt me in the right direction?

thanks -- Kathy

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Here are the drivers for your drive and if installing these doesn't work than download a burning software like Burn4Free

I encountered a similar, but slightly different problem using the MS XP CD burning Wizard, and I stumbled on a work-around that seems to avoid the problem, at least on my system. I also could only burn one CD per reboot, but the problem was that after the first burn, the drive would not recognize any new blank disk as writable. Also, unlike step 3 in the original post (3. go to MY COMPUTER using Microsoft CD Writing Wizard software and burn a CD with these datasets on E: and let this close by itself), the Wizard did not close by itself after burning the first CD. Instead, a dialog box asked if I wanted to burn another CD. If I click on "yes," then any new disk is not recognized. The work-around is to instead click "no," so that the Wizard quits. I can then restart the Wizard and burn one single new disk, and repeat ad infinitum. This way, I can burn one CD per Wizard start, rather than one CD per reboot. Still a little tedious, but ...

It's very simple. Don't use the CD writing software that comes with Windows. Not quite the same case, but I couldn't read a CD that was written with the Windows software.
Use ANY other software to read/write CDs or DVDs and you won't have a problem.

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