Hi guys,

I would really appreciate your help. I have been asked to find out how to set up a laptop designed to go into shop, so that users can ONLY use the internet. They cannot run programs, make / delete existing files or anything else that will cause problems. The laptop will be secured but people would still be able to reboot it so it must go straight into the internet when it reboots.

I dont know a whole lot about this kind of thing so I need your help! Can this be done with vista or do I need additional software? Also I understand that this might be able to be done under linux but my boss has only just brought a vista licence.



I'm not sure if this is possible with Vista, there's probably already software available on the internet to do this, but if you planned on doing it manually, you need these 3 main things:

  • To be able to disable all system hotkeys, so the internet explorer can't be closed.
  • Make the window fullscreen, so the taskbar isn't visible.
  • Make the program run on startup.

In programming, the first two points could be quite easily achieved. As for the third point, you just need to add the program to the 'Startup' folder.

thats easy set your browser to startup automatically and password lock the rest of your computer

Thank you for the reply. I don't believe it's possible to password protect features like you mentioned.

I made a small program which if you add to startup, should do what you want. To close the program, press and hold each key (in the right order) C - L - O - S - E

I hope this helps.