I recently discovered the wonder that is Opera 7.0. (I'm also using Avant on the side.) However, ALL programs refuse to open links in anything other than IE. For example, if I'm on AIM and someone sends me a link, if I click on it it'll open an IE window. Same thing happens in help files, etc.

I've already set Opera as my default browser, and I went into add/remove programs and disabled access to IE. But the problem persists! Do I have to edit something in the registry to get rid of this problem? I hate IE :x

thanks in advance :)

As far as I know, there's no way to permanently disable IE being as it's fully integrated into the Windows Explorer. However, if Opera is set at your default browser, there's no reason that IE should be opening up via AIM, etc. Some programs aren't nice in that they don't check first to see what your default browser is but instead always open IE. However, it doesn't seem right that *ALL* programs refuse to open links in Opera. Hmm .. :/ Sorry I don't know what else to try other than to set Opera as your default. In addition, to going into Add/Remove proggies and then to Set Program Access and Defaults to make sure Opera is your current browser and access to IE is disabled. :(

it would help if we knew what version of windows you were running :)

windows XP.
also I have service pack 1