I am using to PC's,one running a server and the other for normal use.
The server PC is not using any keyboard / mouse / Monitor.

Is there any way that i can control the other PC just like my normal PC ? Like use my normal PC keyboard and mouse and browse and control the server PC ?

thanks you in advance.

dude what you need to do is one of two things if your using xp on both pcs and have databuses the buy a local wierd connection aka lan wire (8$max)to connect to both computers and remember to share you files to do so you have to temporerly use a monitor, keyboard and mouse or you can install wireless driver in both pcs and create a network but u still have to share files.
If you have any questions just look it up on google it will teach you how to set it up

RDP (remote dekstop connection) with local resources enabled. This comes standard and free with Win XP (and vista).

Alternatively, you could look at a purchasing a product designed for this (Goolge: VNC or Dameware)