I'm having problems removing some temp files and folders off a partition, anyone know of a way to remove and maybe find out why these files won't delete in explorer or what they're associated with ?

How to remove temp files off a drive parition that just won't delete though explorer ? And is there a way to find out why those files won't delete via explorer ?

as they are temp files, so these files are used by your system's currently working programs. If no programs are running at this time, the files can contain data of some previous program. Try again deleting the file after closing all the programs or after restarting your PC.

Alright, I'll try that I hope it works but other suggestions are welcome as the same as my other message as well.

try booting into safe mode and deleting them maybe .
safe mode= hitting f8 key on bootup

also ccleaner may deleted them

do as suggested by Caperjack or try downloading malwarebytes..then at malwarebytes..go to more tools tab..then run the file assassin tool.. :)