I recently formatted an Acer Aspire M5620 that shipped with Vista. I installed XP pro on this machine. Now I cannot find any drivers that work with this machine. Acer's website only has Vista drivers(which don't work with XP). I even tried finding drivers based on the mainboard model (G33T-AM) and still nothing.

Any help would be appreciated

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Thanks for the link.

I have tried all the drivers there and none of them work.
On the Acer.ca website the M5620 model only brings up Vista drivers and on the other acer sites it brings up xp drivers for a M5620 notebook computer.

Of course I tried to call Acer and since there is no warrantee left on the computer you have to pay for answers.
So I am still stuck

I found a page here,...but it is not free

There's a program called DriverMax which is supposed to help you update your drivers, I think the evaluation version lets you update 1 per day (it finds them for you).

Try that if you don't know the names of your devices or you could run 'devmgmt.msc' in windows to bring up Device Manager, and then google the names of the hardware listed.

thanks for the link. although the only driver that worked was the chipset driver. the rest gave me errors when i tried to run the setup files.

exemtion processing message c0000013 parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c

that is the error when i try to run the .exe files

this is probably the 50th p i have formatted and never had trouble lke this to find drivers before

note to self: avoid buying acer pc's. drivers are a nightmare.

have you tried going to IE,windows updates , do a custom search ,not express ,and see if it shows any hardware drives

I can't because as with every fresh install of Windows XP there is no LAN driver installed. I am dl'ing to my other pc and transfering with a flash drive to the pc missing all the drivers.

I can't because as with every fresh install of Windows XP there is no LAN driver installed. I am dl'ing to my other pc and transfering with a flash drive to the pc missing all the drivers.

sure ,sorry ,are you copying the file's to the computer from the flash drive first ,and then trying to run the setup .

Yes but I just noticed that the setup.exe files are trying to unpack to c:\windows\temp\ but for whatever reason during the install the new HD was given h:\

C:\ is being used by a removable disk for the card reader.

If I go into computer management and change the C: to another letter and then change the HD to C: it should help the problem right?

you should be able to pick where to unpack the files ,click on the browse button[when it shows the chosen default path ] when upacking file and direct it to the mydocuments folder .

i don't have the option. As soon as i click on the setup file it gives an error saying that c:\windows\temp\ is unvailable

I can't change the drive letter of a system drive so is there anyway to change the install directory on a setup.exe file that wants to install to c:\windows\temp\ automatically

Use device manager to find the drivers you have, google them and updates may show in some of the articles. And use dev mgr to get device types, use them to google..eg, plug in your LAN type/make. You can also use the codes that look like this: PCI\VEN_1969&DEV_1048 - you don't need the last of the line that follows with &SUBSYS_... That first bit of code is the maker and the maker's device ID. [in this case it is Intel and an integrated graphics display]
Oh, and you cannot change the systemdrive letter. It is so integrated into thousands of registry entries that it is well-nigh impossible to do. Windows has recorded where it is, and that is it. Expect a blue screen immediatley, or on next startup.

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