ever since my cmos battery died and I replaced it my pc will not boot up right. I get 2 different errors one is "overclocking field enter setup to re-configure system" and the other is no drive attached to fast track controller the BIOS not installed and also that the CMOS settings are wrong & the CMOS DAte/Time Not set. What do I do?

You need to enter your bios and set it all up properly. You may need to refer to your mobo manual.

thank you for your reply. I don't mean to sound pc illiterate but I am just a beginner. Where do I get my bios from and what is my mobo manual. I love leaning about the pc thanks for your help.

I can't answer that conclusively without knowing what pc you have!

it must be saying hit f1 or del to enter setup[bios] when you get these error . if so do it and when in the bios set it to bios defaults ,then save changes and exit ,should help a lot .for some stuff that the builder added you may need to make customize changes to the bios yourself [or someone who know what changes to make ,Remember I'm just guessing at most of this as like Rik from RCE says ,we will need more info to be exact

I found my mobo manual and went to the web site and found this FAQ "Problem

Why does it show "No Drive Attached To Fasttrack Controller, BIOS Not Installed" at system boot up?


This is a normal situation related to Promise FastTrack 20378 controller. If you do not plug any hard disk in Promise hard disk port, the screen will show " No Drive Attached To Fasttrack Controller- Bios Not Installed" after BIOS POST, then, continue to boot. If you do not wish to plug any hard disk in Promise port nor want to see the message, you may disable this item in BIOS: Advanced-->Onboard Devices Configuration-->Onboard Promise Controller."