Please help, guys?

I don't use this Win2KPro machine often and this morning it was frozen. Cursor wouldn't even move. I rebooted and it now is acting strange, sometimes I just hear the initial disk checking noises and then nothing...black screen - the machine hasn't even accessed the monitor, yellow light blinking on the monitor. I can keep restarting (can't use the restart button, must switch power off and retart that way) and sometimes the screen will come on with the DOS initialization routine and with the familiar beep. When it goes to the "Starting Windows" DOS screen, it freezes.

Won't start with the CD or start in safe mode either. I CAN get to the setup page.

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try ,opening case and removing ram and hdd cables ect act and then replace them just to re-seat them and try that .,also remove the video card if it has one and re-seat it

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thanks for helping me think!

Thanks, man, that did it. Amazing after all these years not thinking of that! Well, that's why we have a forum, no?

You might find this amusing...when I hooked everything back up, this box has those old keyboard and mouse connectors and I got them backwards (basically can't see well enough to see the markings)...so it appeared as if I hadn't fixed anything...took me a few to troubleshoot that and get it up again...


Sounds like a lot of dirty machines out there...

for me ,as a person who fixes a lot of computers,you would not believe it .I seen some that i had to put rubber gloves on for, to go inside the box!

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