I have a small problem. Video Edit Magic isn't working for me right now because when I try to import pictures (not video files) the program closes without warning. I have lost entire projects because of it (and had to redo them, which takes HOURS) Also sometimes when I go to compile it, it will do half the video and then just stop, and it won't start again.
I have been using PhotoStory and Windows Movie Maker the last few weeks and they work but I do prefer Video Edit Magic because it allows me to seperate clips easier.
I have purchased Video Edit Magic, of course, but I do rather feel like I've been cheated out of my money.
Now, having said that, it may be just my computer doesn't like the program.
I also recently acquired a new computer, and none of the problems ever existed before I transferred the files. Could it be that part of the program is missing or corrupt?