Yet another problem from my computer :mad: ! Heres what happend this time.

about three days ago....I shut of my computer. And I got this blue screen saying


beguining to dump phisical memory"

Or something like that. But anyway...I've like goten that a ton of times before...I always thought that the guy that came a programed my computer (since he used copies of programs) Put a worm on my computer....and that was like three years it has been awhile that I have been geting that blue screen.

Well After I got that blue screen...I turned it back on (just to be safe) ...When I tried to turn it on...It loaded half way (see my other thread here) ....So I said I shut it off cold and went in to safe mode. and shut it down in safe mode. it shut off fine. But when I rebooted it normal. it loaded half way! so I did another cold shut off. and went back in to safe mode. but when I hit F8 this time I got another "Stop screen" that said:

"If you have never goten this stop screen before please turn off your computer now

if this problem persists please check for viruses"

It had more...but I didn't read it all. so I did what it said turned it off. so I turned it back. let it load normaly. But after the Windows 2000 screen I got this thing that said it was a chckdisk and I shold let it run..then it started to delete all these .js files from my hard drive. Then it came up and said "recovering orfaned files"...I still don't get that....why did it pop up like that? Anyway....after that was done. it still didn't load. so yet another cold shut down and then again I put it in safe mode. save mode shut down fine, turned it on normal my computer loaded...wallpaper and everything....with like 1 1/2 off my C:\ drive. And My docs and pictures were still there!

But now I have to leave it on constanly....because if I shut it off I will have to go through all that again. and if I try and turn it off won't go pass the "Please wait...saving your settings" prompt and the above w/o the chckdisk thing and "stop screens" happens!

I did like two virus scans and nothing showed up. and my computer won't let me delete temp. files (Thank you very much programer guy that most likely gave me a worm :mad: !!!) so I don't know what is wrong!

thanks in advance....

Check if your RAM is doing fine ... these types of errors are usually caused by faulty RAM. If you could just tell us the exact stop error code, it'll help diagnose the problem more closely.

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