Help! I'm trying to load Sage instant V6.02 and Sage Line 50 V6.02 Accounting software onto my laptop which is running on Windows Vista. The software both load the initial install off the CD but then don't do anything after that no error message nothing. The annoying thing is that I had the Sage Line 50 software installed but took it of because I though it might be conflicting with the Sage Instant version now neither will install. pleanty of room on the disk am I missing something basic?

I'm assuming you are referring to "sage instant accounts"??

Well, given that most recent release is V15, your issues relate to an that may well never have even been designed for XP, let alone Vista and beyond.

You could use the Compatibility options, but given that we are dealing with a seriously "legacy" app, it may well be time to upgrade to a more recent version (I'm sure you could pick up version 12-14 rather cheaply if not willing to shell out for latest build), as this will give you a far more satisfactory result.