Hi, recently my sound was working fine but a wanted to watch a video and i didnt have the required codecs so i downloaded the Nimo codec pack and installed a standard package. the video still didnt work so i uninstalled it and my computer later froze from a problem unrelated so i reset it and left for the day. i came back home later and every sound has a sort of echo in it like the ding you sometimes get in windows echos and when i play music. Some songs play good except you can barely hear the voice and the little bit of the voice you can hear echos. some other songs that are a bit louder sound really scratchy and also echoey. I've had a problem similar and i just fiddled around with the advanced volume controls to get it good again but this time it hasent turned out like that. I use Avance AC97 Audio and i have attached an image of the advanced volume controls if it helps. i think the problem is related to the actual audio codecs/divx audio etc, but if it is i still wouldent have any idea of how to fix the problem. Thanks for having the time to look through my problem.


This is a late entry but i have reason to believe it may be a problem with the actual speakers. because my brother said he banged it and they worked but i will still check this out.

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