ok guys, by this point ive tried just about all i can do by myself other than reformatting my computer. it had been a while since i had been home but im usually on my computer 24/7. i finally get back to my house to hop on my game and about 30 sec into the game i hit a blue screen...never good...i brush it off thinking it was just a update, it restarts, restarts, restarts, i finally get back in and i manage to dl all of the windows updates. after that i download all of my usual virus protection and it prompts me to restart my comp. no prob, its doing it on its own! so avast is scanning the computer b4 it boots up and finds nothing. but anytime i try to play counterstrike or WoW or even a real flashy website it will crash and go to the blue screen i have searched for graphics driver updates, there are non, ive rolled the driver back, uninstalled it and reinstalled it. messed around with the 3d accelleration basically from what ive been gathering, either i have a worm, my processor is going out, or my graphics care is going out...a lot of these suggestions are far fetched, considering i just bought all of this comp brand new in december. i have 4g of ram, nvidia 7600 512mb, 120g HD, xfx motherboard and a amd dual core 2.7 processor or something like that...i would tell you more specific stats but anytime i myself run a scan, the comp restarts...wether it be a virus scan, avast, windows defender, spybot s&d, or the system diagnostics tool like sisoft sandra...i just would like some other insight, this is getting on my nerves....i appreciate any help with this subject, i would like to avoid reformating if possible, such a hassle re downloading all these things..also, i have system restored it to as early as i can, still not good...if i think of nething else i have done, i will add it on. i am currently in college for programming and my brother is in colleg for networking, he is the one that built my comp(not his 1st comp that he has built)and was running PERFECT befor i wasnt here for about 15 days..plz help

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im sorry i didnt catch this before...im on windows xp pro

have you tried running your scans (i.e. Spybot and Antivirus) while in safe mode to see if you can complete a scan without rebooting?

If the system is stable enough to run windows, then have a look at the "Event Viewer" in Administrative tools in control panel. Look in the System and Application log. You will find any errors relating to either of these in there.
But it may just be your Video card hardware. The only way to check that is change it for another one to see the problem persists.

Hope this has been some help.


i have tried to boot it in safe mode b4, havnt ran the scans in safe mode cause i can get it in there about 25% of the time, ill try running it in safe mode when i get back to my house. i have looked at the log in event viewer as well as trouble shoot my graphics card, the only exclamation marks on the log were where my computer had restarted all of these times. that was one of the first things i satrted with, im going to grab my bro's reformat discs while im down here just in case, and if it is a hardware problem we will find out definatley after i reformat. thanks for the help guys, ill stay here from time to time seeing if i can help on any problems since u guys helped me with mine. i really do appreciate it (=D)

the system has now been formatted, and it has gotten worse. the debugging panel on the mobo reads that every thing is fine, but as soon as the windows instillation resumes the entire system shuts down with no beeps or debugging msgs... i have put the bios at optimal settings, same thing. i have put the bios at fail safe settings, same thing.

*MoBo - XFX GeForce 8200
*CPU - AMD 3.0 black dual core
*PSU - Rosewill 750
*GPU - Onboard
*HDD - 150GB seagate (sata)

need some help, pulling out hair here, any thing would be great... thanks guys

What RAM is installed, as sounding like might be a memory issue (given that crashes were most prevalent in cases of high resource usage. Try pulling out all but one stick of RAM and re-try installing Windows. If it gets stuck, swap out the RAM with another stick and re-try.

If faulty RAM is in fact at the core of your woes, this should allow you to weed it out :)

managed to get it reformated and got it working good, well, better than it was. tested the ram and thought it was the problem...swapped out the 2 sticks for 1 2g stick, doesnt blue screen as often at all, but whenever it does bluescreen it gives me the page fault in non paged area error, and now when it hits that message and i try to boot it up again, i get a error message on the cathode display as d5, followed by a haunting beep, beep, beep, ect... im a lil stumped on this one, ran the factors of updating the bios, a lot of people were having some issues with the d5 error and just needed to update it to 1.2 or some odd number like that, now they have a 1.6 bios and will try that in a little while, any other suggestions would be appreciated...thanks

still not fixed, just wanting to keep you guys up to date if people are actually reading this still. read a lot of things about SP3 messing with amd systems so i uninstalled SP3 then shortly hit a diff BSOD, kinda,

been doing some rading about the nv4_disp.dll but all of them are talking about problems dealing with cards of the 5 series. I have a 8 series intergrated graphics. this didnt stop me from reading the rest of the forums about the issue, but i would like it if someone that is familliar with the xfx boards could help me out, been chasing this problem for a little while now. thanks for reading

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