There are many very smart people here is my situation.
i'm running XP MCE 2005 and I do use OBJECTDOCK all the time.
Sometimes I get bored of OD and want to use my standard desktop icons.
Well, when I right click my desktop, I have no "show desktop icons" option, and all the other options are grayed out. I do have a taskbar,start menu and everything else.Everything else as far as my system goes is great.Just no ability to show my icons.In explorer, when I click on DESKTOP in the tree, it shows all of my normal icons in explorer,and i can use them....just cannot display them on desktop! Even trying to create a new shortcut, it does not apply.If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to fire em off. SYSTEM IS CLEAN!!!

Most people facing this problem are also dealing with not having a taskbar, and or start menu or a dead start menu...thats not my problem...only missing icons only!
If relevant...
XP Media Center Edition 2005
AMD ATHLON 64X2 3800+/2.1Ghz
3Gb Kingston memory
250Gb HD