Ok so I have been surfing the net for the past few hours and have stumbled onto this site.
Ill start so,
I have 3 computers all runing windows xp: 2desktops 1 laptop.
I have boughtWireless-G Broadband Router with SpeedBooster.
SO i have 1 computer hardwired to the router."This one will not be on the network" other two are wireless.

I can connect to the internet just fine.. I want to beable to get from my laptop to files from my desktop.

Ive ran the network setup over 23948320428503985430598253092824284 times with no luck.
From the wireless desktop i can see my laptop, but from my laptop i cant see the desktop says "Not accessable contact admin to get access" or something to that effect..
Any help here? if there is anymore info you need i will be checking this post every day.


Also when i try to ping my laptop from the wireless desktop it works just fine, but my laptop on the other hand " times out" when i try and ping the desktop. I dont know if that helped or not..