I have a compaQ windows 98
year 1999 or 2000??
My problem started when I downloaded My Web cam from Logitech and got an Error after restarting my computer win..98 cant run atl71.dll need ANSI version So I went to their support and it told me to change that file name to atl71.old and that would fix the problem also I had to uninstall my Nortain 2005 Antivirus and install it again!! well I couldn' get very far to install it so I went to their wb siteand it said to make sure the files r uninstalled befor reinstulling it so I did everything they told me and I mean everything and i restarted my computer to install and it got about 1/4 way threrand a message stated that there was ccSetMgr.exe missing file and its components and wouldnt let me download my Antivirus soooooo I went to windows 98 support site and they said I needed a to extract that file from my start up Disk witch I have no clue where that is?? So it said to use my back up disket witch i did to exctract that file and it said it didnt find it and MY settings were on show all files and hiden folders??? soooooo all I need I guess is that file (witch is a main file for Nortain) It also said look in C:\cab and it wasnt there and i didnt even see my cabfile??? It's origanialy saposed to be in Pgramfiles\commonfiles\systemantecshared\ Im lost R u? help please i need that file and don't know how else to get it!!!!!????? All I want is to be able to instull my Norton Antivirus 2005??
helpless me,

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hi why did you have to uninstall nortons ,and reinstall it ??
Sounds like maybe you went about it the wrong way .!!

I think Logitech recommend removing Norton because of some misguided idea that it will interfere with the setup of their software. Mind if I rant a bit here??? I recently got called to a clients house to sort their Logitech Pro 4000 camera for them. OS is Win98 bought from Dell. They contacted aforementioned company for a recommendation for a webcam. Pro 4000 is perfect they were told......... ATL71.DLL and all the crap that comes with that problem. Norton also happened to be corrupted so I naturally removed it but the issue still occurs. I can't find any reference on the Logitech website to this issue and when I do rename the ATL.DLL file it returns a file corruption error. Now I can't even uninstall the Logitech Software.... (deep breaths!!). I'lll stop ranting now and get back to fixing this.
pvtfd200 did you resolve the ATL71.DLL issue? And if so, how?

As for the Norton problem you are having, I have seen that in 2005 a lot. You need to remove every trace of Norton from your system, including from the registry. Their registry cleaner doesn't always do the job. So try one or two from the web... NB be very careful about the reg cleaners you use. The wrong one can destroy your computer. I usually take the time to search the reg manually for Symantec and then Norton and then delete any trace myself. But I only recommend you do this if you are familiar with the registry system. Always make a back up first.

Once all traces of Norton are removed you should be able to reinstall from the cd. If you still get the errors at this point you may just need to reinstall windows. I have had to do that on 1 or 2 occasions because of that error.
You can email any further errors you get in relation to Norton if you wish and I can try to help you via email. But also post back here.

hope some of this helped. And thanks for letting me rant!

Kayg Hunter

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