My Internet Explorer gives me a Can't Find Server or DNS Error message. I am using FireFox in addition, which continues to work. They both worked together for some time, but then IE stopped working. Not sure what started the problem. Here is some background info:

IE 6.0
Windows 98 4.10 (I think I downloaded all the latest updates from the Microsoft site, but one of them downloaded but wouldn't install. I can't get back on the site to check what I downloaded since they don't support that function with FireFox).
Dell Dimension V350 Computer (I have other computers as well).

I have all sorts of anti-spyware as well as McAfee anti-virus, which I keep up to date and run frequently. No problems have been detected. I did have CWS a while back, but I got rid of it, and IE was functioning well for several weeks after that.

If I had to guess, I would say a file is corrupted and needs to be restored, or there is some problem in the way FireFox and IE interact. At this point, I could use some help. I don't want to reinstall IE if I can avoid it. It generally doesn't help unless you do a total reinstall of Windows (God forbid).


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Check the proxy settings.. go to the internet properties screen and click on the conenction tab then on the LAN button and make sure eveyrhing is uncheck...

Thanks for the suggestion. Everything is unchecked. I don't have a LAN connection.

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