Hi, I'm just wondering what a typical resource load of windows 7 is on memory. Mine's running at around 550 Mb (ram) and it seems to be quite a lot! is this normal?


Only 550MB? That seems insanely good. My Win 7 RC 64bit uses 1GB just idle.

Do you really tweak win 7 to get it that low or what

Only 550MB? That seems insanely good. My Win 7 RC 64bit uses 1GB just idle.

Do you really tweak win 7 to get it that low or what

God-damn, that's way too high. I'd be using this little utility to find out where the memory is being soaked up. In my case, Intel's Matrix Storage Manager was chewing up memory... not surprising as is STILL a damned x86 app!!

As to the original Q, seems quite normal, but can switch off services you don't need to spare memory. Keep in mind that the Win7 RC1 is the Ultimate build, where as you might be used to running a slimmer SKU of Vista. Also hard to positively define as no idea whether you are running x86 or x64 build

Yes sorry I should have said:
(if this is what you mean?) 32 bit, 1.00Gb ram, 3.2 Ghz pentium 4, windows 7 build 7100.
yeah I tried ending services that looked harmless but I didn't know what was safe to end so I couldn't do much. Thanks for process explorer; its great but I'm still not sure which windows services I can safely kill.

Run the process explorer and use the Snipping Tool (just type snip in startmenu search box) to capture screen prints, so we can have a look over things, see if anything unusual going on

hi - Windows memory menager will scale up and down ram memory usage according to avaliable mappable areas - so the more total installed ram memory installed , the more pages will tend to be loaded and retained there, rather than the 1/10 speed page file

Opening more tabs and browers windows will increase usage alot
but there is, in normal usage a certain amount of unlikely to be reused pages - so performance increases tends to drop off over a certain total installed ram memory - all system usage being equal.

win7 will see noticable improvement from 1GiB installed to 1.5GiB installed
however 512MiB will still run very smoothly , but any onboard video apeture will be un-optimal - as this uses ram memory area -
if using a slow cpu a fast hdd will help
If using a retro- pre sata ata33/66 plodder, consider installing a 10K scsi drive via a pci expansion card - i use one on my 1GHz backup system running win 7 RC , it has a hdd performance experience rating of 5.5, system performance is ponderous but satisfactory for casual net/basic home office related usage

My observations anyhow