it all started like this, the dvd drivers went missing/ the cpu message was is not installed. so he went into microsoft and downloaded 1. but when he tried to restart it it wouldnt start, we took harddrive test and it stopped in the middle, and trien to boot the cpu, but the boot section was missing.(as the same were his cd`s to the cpu) we tryed to fix it with the repair programs to, but the recovery part is gone.
i have tried every thing, but my conclution is that the laptop was killed by a macro.. is there something i can do with it?

pliz help us

The fact that something has scrubbed the recovery partition does not sound good at all :'( Unless you had a really old model running Win 2000, there is no reason what-so-ever you should have required a DVD driver, as XP and beyond are all plug-and-play where they are concerned... and considering this is Vista/Win7 boards, I'm assuming Vista??

The only sure-fire way to know if hard-drive has not taken a kill-all smack (without paying service fees of course) is to try installing a retail build of Windows, or a Linux build. Win7 RC1 still freely (legally) avail, and as HP drivers can be a lil bit of a pain for Linux (I'm sure someone will spark up at that, but anyhow), would be first recommendation. If even that can't install, I'd being taking in to get hardware looked over.

For that you could be looking in one of two directions. A cooked HDD, or a firmware-embedded rootkit (and they're a right MF to get rid of).

try scanning with norton internet security 2009 and if that doesent work there is AVG, Avira and Avast all free and sometimes removes viruses norton detects and wont delete.

so right now does the computer boot at all?

so right now does the computer boot at all?

no it will not boot or open windows . only get message" operating system not found"

OK - as I suggested, try a FULL alternate OS install (by FULL, I mean not the recovery disk which relies on that recovery partition being there). Either the Win7 RC or a Linux disk (not a live disk, as you want to see if the HDD is actually capable of functioning with an OS install of any description)... try installing and see if the HDD is capable of re-running. Otherwise, may be in need of a hard-drive replacement.

i agree with kaninelupus, you need to determine if the hard drive is capable of being used now.. you need to re install an operating system, do a FULL format to see if it even goes through.. if it doesn't work a new hard drive is needed..
unfortunetly either way whatever you had on that harddrive is going to be lost. i know people's laptops i have worked on in the past had thousands of pictures (family pictures) which they lost because no backups were made.